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Press Kit

Bottle Images

Download bottle images
– H2Orange Bottle LG.jpg
– H2Orange Bottle MD.jpg
– H2Orange Bottle SM.jpg

Download bottle splash images
H2Orange Splash LG.jpg
H2Orange Splash SM.jpg
H2Orange Splash with mortarboard LG.jpg
H2Orange Splash with mortarboard SM.jpg

Download bottle waterline images
H2Orange Waterline LG.jpg
H2Orange Waterline SM.jpg

Intro Video

Download intro video
H2Orange Final-960×540.wmv
H2Orange Final-1280×


Download logo images
H2Orange TM Logo-orange on
H2Orange TM Logo-orange on white.jpg
H2Orange TM Logo-white on
H2Orange TM Logo-white on orange.jpg

Download bottle images
H2Orange TM Logo+Line-orange on
H2Orange TM Logo+Line-orange on white.jpg
H2Orange TM Logo+Line-white on
H2Orange TM Logo+Line-white on orange.jpg

Founders Photos

Download Steve photo
Steve Gurasich.jpg

Download Tim photo
Tim McClure.jpg

Download Photo Shoot with Founders and Jim Boon

Download Photo Shoot with Founders and President Powers